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Welcome to Jilly Willy Art!


I'm an Atlanta based artist that paints custom watercolor landscapes and portraits from your favorite photographs.


My unique style and attention to detail will bring your memories to life on paper. Whether it's a family portrait or a beloved childhood home, I can capture the essence of your favorite moments in a beautiful watercolor painting.

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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
- Thomas Merton

My Journey

More than four decades ago, my journey began at Hollins University in Virginia, where I earned a degree in Pre-Med and a teaching certification. Despite my academic achievements, I found myself dissatisfied with my career choices. My path took a different turn as I ventured into the worlds of real estate, advertising, and eventually, teaching art.

It was a pivotal moment at the age of 28 when I was immersed in the bustling world of advertising in Atlanta that I first embraced the realm of graphic design and art lessons. The following year marked the beginning of a new chapter as I entered into marriage and started a family. Together with my former husband, we decided that I would assume the role of a part-time worker, which included teaching art to others.

As life unfolded, I encountered a myriad of challenges: marital struggles, the demands of raising young children, navigating the complexities of adolescence, health concerns, and the responsibilities of caring for aging parents, among others. Amidst this whirlwind, I stumbled upon a remarkable discovery — the therapeutic power of art.

Through the act of creation, I found solace in the calming embrace of my right-brain mode.


Painting became my refuge, my form of therapy. Engaging in artistry triggered the activation of the right hemisphere of my brain, releasing a cascade of endorphins and other chemicals that induced a profound sense of relaxation.

Thank you for joining me and supporting me on this meaningful journey.

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