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Jilly Willy Art

Painting Life's Stories:

Gallery & Class Schedule

"Watercolor whispers stories that words can't convey."


Custom Watercolor 

At Jilly Willy Art, I specialize in creating beautiful watercolor paintings from your favorite photographs. Bring your memories to life with a custom portrait or landscape painting. My artwork is perfect for adding a personal touch to your home or as a unique gift for a loved one.


Upcoming Events

In addition to selling my paintings, I teach watercolor lessons to all levels at different locations around Metro Atlanta. Join me and my friends for a fun night of laughter, fun, and learning to paint!

Learn more about upcoming events below. 

Watercolors for All Levels

Roswell Visual Arts Center

June 4, 2024-July 16, 2024, Summer 6-8PM

Classes are always Tuesdays for now.  

Contact me to sign up for fall, 2024 sessions as times are TBD

Jill Morris, 770-656-7246--you can text me for faster response.  

The Roswell, Georgia Visual Arts Center is located at 10495 Woodstock Road, near Historic Canton Street, Roswell, GA. 

Painting with Watercolor

Relax and enjoy the process of learning the fundamentals of watercolor painting. We will learn several basic techniques and skills as we discuss some elements and principles of design, such as color, value, rhythm, size, shape, and line. In this supportive atmosphere, your artistic nature will develop as you pursue your interests and talents. 

What My Clients Are Saying

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at
"My sister in law met the love of her life and I was looking for the perfect way to capture that. After looking at artist after artist, I landed here and could not be more thrilled. It is everything I hoped it would be and more. So much so, that I have already ordered a second painting!
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Jilly Willy

Welcome to Jilly Willy's Art Studio! I'm Jill, an artist with a deep love for custom watercolor creations. I specialize in painting breathtaking landscapes and heartfelt portraits, all inspired by your cherished photographs.


Each brushstroke is a celebration of nature's beauty and the emotions that make life so special. Join me on this artistic journey, and let's transform your memories into captivating watercolor masterpieces together!


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